White howlite carries a whole host of healing properties that help to soothe the mind, the body and the spirit. This calming stone is always ready to help cool down fiery tempers, slow down heartbeats and help us lead with wisdom. It vibrates gently, which helps us to connect and flow, raise our own sense of awareness, and eliminate any cloudiness.

Howlite is a highly emotional stone but it contributes a great deal to aiding in physical health. In terms of physical health, the bone-coloured stone can help to balance calcium levels in the body. With this stone, you can begin to strengthen your skeleton and teeth, as well as grow luscious and shiny hair. The stone also helps to signal the water element which means that it can remind your body of when it is time to drink more water, sip on some herbal tea or even soak in a nice long bubble bath.

One of the cornerstones of improved mental and emotional health is ensuring that you get enough sleep. The howlite stone can also go a long way in helping your mind to quieten down and switch off the constant stream of noise that everyday life brings. It can initiate a sense of calm and contemplative silence, thus adequately preparing you to relax, unwind, and make sure that you get several restful hours of sleep. The howlite stone is best used in one of two ways.

Either these stones should be placed along with your other meditation tools so that they can bring a sense of healing and harmony into your life.

Alternatively, the stones can form a part of an item of jewellery that you wear daily, such as a bracelet or necklace. This will aid in helping you achieve a sense of inner peace, as well as calm and conscious living.

As a result, they can easily become clouded by the energies that they aid in removing, which is why cleansing them is so important. These stones can very easily be cleaned simply by running them under flowing water. You can recharge your crystal in the moonlight on a cold, clear night. This will instantly help it increase its energy levels.


"Enlightenment is Ego’s Ultimate Disappointment" - Chögyam Trungpa

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